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Looking for a Power Pole Dealer Near Jacksonville FL? Here we are…

If you are looking for your shallower water anchor solution that works for you, give us a shout. We are your local authorized Power-Pole dealer. We have the best service, and best prices in town. If you are looking to have us install it, or if you want to install it yourself we would love to work with you. We are located in Green Cove Springs just outside of Jacksonville and Orange Park, so we are a short drive from [...]

Recent Wet Sounds Custom Build on our Everglades 243

Many fishing boats come with a basic cheap stereo that you can barely hear while our cursing around. While our boat came with a fairly descent stereo it was lacking in a lot of ways. Well, not any more. We have added a system that will make any boat the hit at the sandbar, or plenty loud while heading to deep water.   Everyone wants a little more thump in their music, so we went a little overboard and added 2 [...]