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Lowrance HDS-16 Install on Everglades 243 Jacksonville FL Lowrance Dealer

Here is one of our latest installs of a Lowrance HDS 16 Carbon with 3d Structure Scan on an Everglades 243. Some people said it couldn't be done, but we were able to make it happen with our custom spacer trim ring. We were able to cut it out and angle it to fit the console properly so it is a nice snug fit. We also cleaned up the old wiring which was a mess. This new Lowrance works [...]

Fusion Apollo radio’s are in stock Ms-Ra770

We have the new Fusion Apollo Series Radio's in Stock! Message us or call us today to get one on the way! Welcome to a new era of marine audio entertainment, crafted and engineered by Apollo – the God of Music. The Apollo Series combines engineering and design never seen before in the marine industry, forever changing the face of marine audio entertainment and becoming the standard by which all others will be shaped. The world’s first touchscreen marine stereo with built-in [...]