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  • Aqua Dream Gold Weedless Willow Fishing Spoon 3/8 oz WS01

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    Aqua Dream White Weedless Fishing Spoon 3/8 oz WS01

    The gold spoon has long been regarded by many anglers as the number one redfish lure. Our gold spoons have set the standard for all spoons since 1993. We use only the finest materials in making our spoons. From the best hooks available to the genuine 24 KT gold plating, Aqua Dream spoons set the “gold standard” for spoons. Our 24 KT gold plated brass spoons are available in three fish catching designs, Weedless Willow, Vengeance and our Original Gold Casting spoons. Regardless of which design you choose, when you choose Aqua Dream you know you’re getting the “best damn spoon on the flats.”


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