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  • Mustad Power Lock Plus Hooks

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    The Power Lock Plus® features a unique ridged gripper pin, offering a secure hold for your favorite swimbait. The sliding build in weight allows for back, forward or centered presentation. Moving the weight is easy. Rotate the weight several times to heat silicon insert. Move weight to desired position. As the insert cools, the weight will be held firmly in place again. Back position will push the bait backwards under structures like logs and docks. Use with tube baits, crawfish or jerkbaits. Forward position will make the bait dive nose down. Use with worms, Gidzit or tubebaits. We pare them with Z Man swim baits all the time in salt water. Centered position will make the bait sink horizontally. Use with swim baits, tube and jerkbaits, lizards and worms. The wide gap provides excellent hooking and holding abilities.Use it for Redfish, Trout, Bass, Perch, Zander, Pike, and Walleye.

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