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  • NEBO Luxtreme USB-C Rechargeable Half-Mile Beam Flashlight

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    If you have been looking for the best flashlight to shine a long distance check out this Nebo Luxtreme. We are also ways looking for the best lights for hunting or spotting for night time hunts for gators and coyote, so when we came across this light we had to check it out. I am always skeptical with flashlight ratings since everyone has their way of making a case for candela, and or lumens flashlights to be the best or brightest. I can tell you after owning, hunting and using this light, it is nothing short of impressive.

    If you need a flashlight to shine a long distance in a small beam, this is it! The light is concentrated for a nice clean beam. You do not get a lot of halo effect so you can really see an amazing distance with it. The only drawback is see is if you need to light up a big area close to you, this is not the light to do that, but let’s face it, we were looking for a light to shine not do up close work. If you are looking for a light with an adjustable beam to light up camp sites or work areas you will definitely want to check out the Redline Blast found HERE. It is an amazing light for short areas, but it will not shine a long distance like this incredible Nebo Luxtreme.


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