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  • Vudu Cone Popping Cork – Natural Shrimp 04 – Float Rig

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    Built like all Vudu brands.. Tough As Hell.

    Vudu Corks are built from hi-density foam and coated for durability. All corks are assembled with stainless steel wire for superior strength and flexibility. Weighted with heavy brass balls, it clacks louder than cheap lead and cast like a bullet. Vudu Corks are pre-rigged with the #1 selling Vudu Shrimp (3.25 inch) using 30lb clear mono. All you have to do is tie the cork on and start fishing.

    UPC: 0-96077-00014-2
    Brand: VUDU
    SKU: E-VCS-04
    Size: 3.25 INCH SHRIMP
    Weight: 1/4 OZ

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